Say Hello to the New Chief Copy Editor for UEA’s Student Newspaper!

The hectic last few weeks and lack of blog posts for a couple of weeks has finally paid off as last week I found out I had been successful in my application for copy editor of Concrete, my university’s student newspaper.

The job is unpaid but massively rewarding as I get to see the result of my hard work and the rest of the senior editing team in the fortnightly publication of the paper. But I found a lot of my friends asking what the position actually involved…

Copy Editor is mostly considered US terminology for what we would call a Sub-Editor. However, the distinction seems to be less important now and as that is the title I’ve been given and the job description is the same then Copy Editor it is!

The copy editor essentially designs (which is called lays out or lays up) the pages of the paper. It is their responsibility to edit, proofread and cut copy (main text) to an acceptable standard to print. Often the role can involve re-writing or re-wording of sentences or even headlines and captions in order to create the most effective and visually impacting article for readers.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, the world is moving into the online sphere. So the world of editing now often involves lay outs of articles on online applications or on-screen programmes. I’ve had to learn many of the basics for such a programme in order to speed up the editing process to meet print deadlines.

Concrete, the university student newspaper has been around for over 20 years now and is a free fortnightly paper which can be picked up all around campus and at many locations within Norwich. Some of the sections include, News; Features; Lifestyle; Travel; Sport; Comment. It also has a cultural pull-out called Venue which covers Arts; Music; Fashion; Creative Writing and much more.

In the past the paper has received awards for its achievements including Best Student Newspaper of the Year from both The Guardian and NUS.

I’m really looking forward to getting involved in such an exciting experience and meeting the new team of editors that I will be working with, as well as appreciating the sense of achievement from being involved in a newspaper such as this.

Check out Concrete at:


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