UEA vs. Essex Derby Day 2015

My third and final Derby Day against our rivals Essex university has come and gone and it was by far the best one yet.

I was lucky enough to not only get to play my final netball match for UEANC and win 26-24 (it was close) but my position in the Media Collective with Concrete this year, meant I spent the day reporting back to the central media hub with live reports, news, pictures and scores throughout the day.

The efforts of the Media Collective on the day were spectacular. The three media societies came together and showed why the cross platform cohesion is so effective and how far we had all come in the year since we began working together.

Essex tried their best but were robbed by the victorious UEA who took the hat-trick, winning the day for the third year in a row – amazingly every year I have been there.

I did some live commentating for the Concrete live blog which smashed our previous website record for the most views on one article in a day. I was commentating on the feature match of the day which was our netball 1st team and involved the bleachers being rolled out in the Sportspark and the most incredible atmosphere as it was the last match on the day and had everyone from both universities there to support.

But I won’t ruin it by telling you the score or all the best bits of the match, instead you can read my match report here, in our Derby Day special supplement.