Review: The Mist in the Mirror

The Mist in the Mirror seems to have cropped up in conversations with people several times recently so I thought, why not write a blog post reviewing my trip to Nottingham Playhouse to see it?

I think I made the mistake of going into the theatre with cinematic expectations. Being written by the same author as The Woman in Black I had classic horror movie expectation of dark suspense scenes and jumpy thrills. The Mist in the Mirror was not that.

It made attempts to make the audience jump and build suspense, which to an extend worked with the narrator retelling a story handed to him from an unknown origin. But in the same way that the fear of horror movies diminishes when you watch it with friends, so did the  attempts at thrills and suspense when you’re watching it in a theatre full of people.

The staging and use of the set was, admittedly, fantastic. With a small cast the use of obstacles on stage to create movement or passage of time was fantastic. This combined with the lighting created brilliant illusions of movement and progression in the story and the cast really utilised their props and staging to maximum effect.

Overall it was definitely an interesting first time experience of horror/thriller in theatre for me but considering my love of horror I think I’ll stick to the movies for the real thrills.



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