Series: Island hopping in the Caribbean – ST. KITTS

So I know this one is really behind but I’ve been working at at Literature Festival [look out for the blog post] so hopefully I’m excused!

This post is all about St. Kitts which I think I really underestimated in terms of it’s historical interest. I thought it felt really colonial from the moment we arrived at the port.


As always it’s definitely worth taking a wander through the town to get a feel for the place. St. Kitts felt a lot less touristy once you were outside the port area and in the main town.



Make sure you take a walk to Independence Square, it’s got plenty of lovely grassy areas if you fancy taking a break and picnicking in the shade of a tree.




We decided to head out to one of the beaches but not one of the touristy recommended ones. We took a slightly difference approach and asked around a couple of the taxi drivers in the port area what they thought the best beach was, then we compared prices with the drivers.

I know a lot of people think this is a risky strategy putting your money in the hands of a local driver and not perhaps a tourist recommended cab company, but honestly they are not trying to rip you off. The prices we were quoted from three difference cabbies were all very reasonable and similar in price, if not cheaper to some of the tourist ‘recommended’ ones.

Our lovely cabbie was called Bernard and he was a really lovely and jolly chap, he offered to take us to a secluded beach with a beach bar shack on it. He wouldn’t take payment until he had picked us up from the beach and returned us to the port again later in the day so this solved the problem of getting a return taxi – Make sure you factor that in if you’re planning on going somewhere secluded. He even stopped at various view points on the island and took pictures for us.

The beach was lovely and quiet and the beach bar was reasonably priced with great staff and it seems a similar situation on most beaches on that eastern side of the island. The actual seas was rocky underfoot so you might want to consider swim sandals but the whole day was understated and enjoyable.


  • shop around for taxi prices, don’t just take the the first one and don’t just assume the tourist recommended one is the cheapest – use your initiative and common sense.
  • get chatting to taxi drives/locals/shop owners and find out what they recommend, again it may be vastly different and more enjoyable than what the tourist guides tell you to do.
  • Swim shoes for rocky beaches.
  • suncream and water as always.
  • If you do plan to go off the beaten track, make sure you arrange your taxi ride back to your accommodation/port. Going somewhere secluded is great but you’ll never hail a cab from there!

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