New series: commuter reads

So, since I’m now working a full-time 9 to 5 job, I get the joy of commuting into the city that comes with it.

Although, I am actually finding it a joy if I’m honest. My commute is 30-40 minutes in the morning and again in the evening, but so far that has been enough time for me to read about one book a week.

After having done a three year degree in English Literature, you have no idea what a relief it is and how exciting it is to actually read books that I want to read and just enjoy them for what they are, rather than thinking of them in terms of an essay I have to write!

But my problem is that I get through so many books that if someone asks me about one that I read more than three months ago, I have a real trouble remembering the details, I usually just have a general feeling of whether I enjoyed it or not.

By creating this new series, it’s not just for me to tell other people what I think about the books I read, but also so I can have some kind of record of what I’ve read and what I thought about it. I’ve got a few weeks to catch up on first, but after that hopefully it will be a book a week.

So without further ado, my new series “Commuter reads”.


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