Commuter reads: Cecelia Ahern – Where Rainbows End

I need to clarify that I read this book by accident.

Firstly, I didn’t realise this was the book that the film, Love, Rosie, is based on. I hated that film, I think it was the only option playing on a three hour flight I took somewhere.
So I hate romance, rom-coms, happy endings and all the clichés that come with them but I was 50 pages in before I recognised the story and realised I couldn’t remember the ending. So obviously I had to read it to find out.

I skim-read the entire 566 pages in three days of commutes (for those counting, around 3-4 hours) which was very easy since the book is an epistolary.

Anyway, Rosie and Alex have a series of near-misses and get close to revealing their feelings for each other about 100 times in the whole story, it’s painfully drawn out until they finally get together in their 50s after several divorces/failed marriages/continent changes/career changes.

The only feature I found redeeming was the letter-writing format. I think that’s a really interesting way to tell a story which spans over decades.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this book if you enjoyed the film, as with most book-to-film adaptations I’d say the book is better. I’d also recommend it if you enjoy the frustration of secret love, drawn out over years, or if you are a fan of romantic, chick-flicks and if romances make you cry.

Maybe I should have guessed from the title, maybe I shouldn’t have let someone recommend it to me, but I wish someone had warned me!


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