Theatre and Open Mic Nights

So recently I’ve been very cultured and tried to make a real effort to see more of what my home city of Nottingham has to offer in terms of the arts.

I’ve always loved going to the theatre and even more so since I’ve started my full-time job as it’s something really enjoyable to look forward to during the week. I’ve seen some bigger productions recently at the Theatre Royal, such as the classic Mousetrap ‘whodunit’ play, I’ve enjoyed some of the local and travelling theatre groups at the very intimate Lace Market Theatre – only 100 audience seats. Last week I went to Nottingham Playhouse to see their current play, Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, which was fantastic and the set was possibly the simplest but most effective and impressive that I’ve seen at the Playhouse. Although that said, I saw The Mist in the Mirror there too and loved the set for that too.

A couple of weekends ago I also went to the Nottingham Contemporary for an open mic style night for International Women’s Day, called Phenomenal Women. It was in the Contemporary’s cafe/bar which I’d never been to before but the vibe in there was awesome and £3 for a gin and tonic wasn’t too bad either. The whole event was a great showcase of local Nottingham and Midlands talent and it was super intersectional too with lots of amazing women from different races and nationalities with incredible talents. Stand out performance was definitely Lia White from Nottingham, only 16 but with the most incredible voice.

Have you come across any local arts or theatre that’s really stood out?

Helena x


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