Theatre: Conversations at a Burial

Three middle-aged siblings come together at their father’s house for the wake of their father’s funeral. They are joined by an ex-girlfriend of one brother (Alex) but she is in fact in love with the other brother. All three siblings are unmarried and are joined by their family friend and his new wife.

The conversations that follow are various snapshots of their lives, their loves and affairs, their relationship with their father and the mistakes they have made.

All three siblings are single and the death of their father forces them to contemplate how they came to the point in their life that they have reached.  And they decide to take action to change it as they spend the evening all trapped together in the house following a storm and a broken down car.

This was a brilliant amateur production at West Bridgford theatre; even with limited props and scenery, the realism of the scene and the authenticity of their emotions was really clear. The performance of the sister was particularly effective.

An effective, if slightly predictable, play about family, loss and love which has been performed on stages for years.


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