72 hours in Copenhagen

My recent trip to Copenhagen was really exciting because I’d never been to Denmark before but also it meant I could take as trip across the Øresund Bridge to Malmö in Sweden – one of my favourite countries in the world.

We took the Ryanair spring flight offer and ended up with return flights for £24 (!!!) And we booked an Airbnb for accommodation and that was £60 a night for the whole apartment. So for three nights and three of us travelling, it was only £60 each. So flights and accommodation for £84 meant we saved some serious money to make up for the Scandinavian country being slightly pricier.

Day 1

We arrived late in the afternoon and staying in Frederiksberg meant we were perfectly placed to get on the metro and go out to explore. We bought the 72hr Copenhagen card which covers all transport and over 79 attractions in Copenhagen so well worth the money!

1st stop – the Round Tower. With clear skies at 4pm we decided these 360 degree views were a great start to seeing the city and it was included in the Copenhagen card. It is and so and so steady slope upwards rather than steps so that made and so nice change for tired legs!

2nd stop – Gråbrödretorv. A gorgeous square with trademark colourful buildings and lots of al fresco cafés and restaurants for a quick refresher before we went out for dinner in Indre By – the central city where you’re spoilt for choice with lots of hipster bars answer restaurants.

Day 2

1st stop – we were up early and on the S train out to Frederiksborg Castle. It’s about an hour out of Copenhagen but the transport and entry to the castle museum and gardens are all included on the Copenhagen card. This castle and the gardens are like a fairytale on an beautiful blue lake. The town is also gorgeous and worth a visit for a quick bite after walking around all the stunning ballrooms and botanical gardens.

2nd Stop  – back to the City to get lost in the pretty streets. City hall and city square, Christiansborg Palace and Børsen (he old stock exchange) are some great sights along with a wander along the canals.

3rd stop – after dinner we went to an incredible jazz bar with live jazz and great beer with a lovely local atmosphere, Hvide Lam  (means white lamb) they have different local jazz groups every night and it’s in a cute red building in Kultorvet square – you can’t miss it!

Day 3 

1st stop – it’s actually a lot of stops at we walked very far and saw loads of sights. But first: the iconic Nyhavn on the waterfront. This is an absolute must see especially in the sun when it’s full of people and music.

2nd stop – Amalienborg Palace. Make sure you stop by here at midday to see the changing of the guard!

3rd stop – walking along the waterfront and through the fort up to the Little Mermaid statue – be warned, it’s smaller than you think!!

4th stop – SWEDEN! WE took the train from Copenhagen central station to Sweden, it’s approx £20 return and you get to go across the gorgeous Øresund Bridge. Malmö is small but beautiful. Make sure to check out the Lilla Torg – the central square in old town, it’s expensive but nice to sit out and grab a beer or two. Slottsträdgårdens is lovely to walk around and see the lake, wildlife, botanical gardens and a splendid windmill! Sankt Petri Kyrka is a Scandinavian Catholic Church with the biggest organ in Europe under construction, it’s free to go in so check it out. Enjoy the relaxed scandi atmosphere and all the waterways as well as the spectacular Øresund Bridge.

Day 4

1st stop – Copenhagen Bikes! We rented bikes for our final day to give our feet a rest. First stop was across the canal to take a scenic route around the lakes a rounded Christianshavn Free Town which was set up in the 1980s and still maintains its hippie vibe with homemade stalls, music, artistic street art and alcohol free cafés. You’ll also find the incredible Street food market on this side of the water – so much food and drink to choose from with a view of the bay – don’t miss this if you enjoy something different. 

2nd stop – Rosenborg Palace. This gorgeous castle is set in a park in the centre of the city where on a sunny day you’ll find all the locals hanging out, sunbathing, reading or playing football. Across the road is also the Rosenborg Botanical Gardens which are free and spectacular (and warm if you’re visiting in winter!!) 

3rd stop – we took a cycle around the three man-made lakes in the city. It’s so easy to cycle here – most people do so the roads are very safe, there are bike lanes and motorists are very aware of you. The lakes have great views of the city and are good for a lazy afternoon. 

4th stop – drinks as the sun goes down on Nyhavn. It’s expensive here but for one drink as a tourist, it’s a must do, especially for us to finish off our trip!


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