Best hikes in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

The classic and well known of the peaks in Hong Kong. The Peak, as it’s known by locals, offers unparalleled views of the city on a clear day. You can take the funicular peak tram to the top then enjoy the hike trail around the peak which is a circular route through greenery and park land which is popular with local joggers. Beware though, the peak tram queues can be huge so get there before 8am. Alternatively there is a winding path up the peak to the view point. It’s a tough uphill probably best saved for the cooler evening to catch sunset but we’ll worth it for the view, the exercise and the incredible apartments on the hill with views of the Bay.

Lantau Trail

If you’re headed out to Lantau Island to see Big Buddha and the Monastery then make a day of it and hike the Lantau Trail. Wear good shoes and take lots of water, it’s not the toughest hike ever but it’s uneven and hot and humid in jungle like conditions. There are great breaks for picnic spots and incredible views of green valleys on the island and the dam lake, not to mention the imposing Big Buddha statue you’ll always be able to see on the skyline.

Lion Head

Another popular one for visitors to Hong Kong. As part of Lion’s Head Country Park there is tonnes of beautiful scenery and trails to hike. Lion Head is a fairly easy hike with great views of Kowloon, the bay and Tsuen Wan. There’s also the popular Mong Fu Shek and Beacon Hill so you can easily make a day from hikes here!

Dragons Back

This is a  option if you want  escape the city for the day. Based in Shek O Country Park this is an 8.5km route along a ridge with gorgeous panoramic views of the city which offer a different perspective from the typical Peak hike. It’s not a super hard hike but make sure you’re prepared and have plenty of water and snacks.

Kowloon Peak – Suicide Cliff 

This is definitely the hardest trek, at 600m Kowloon Peak is the highest in the area plus the steep steps that are part of the climb. The South Ridge is home to the famous or infamous Suicide Cliff, known for its incredible terrain and photography opportunities, especially after the iconic photo feature on National Geographic. It’s recommended you only complete this hike if you are experienced and always complete it in a group. But the iconic cliff and views are totally worth it.

Have you done any of these hikes?


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