5 things to do at Mount Fuji (if you don’t actually want to climb it)

1. Find the best views of Fuji

Just because you don’t want to climb it, doesn’t mean you can’t find a stunning spot to admire it from. Chureito Pagoda is the iconic one and only a short train ride from Lake Kawaguchiko, on a clear day it’s so worth it. It’s clearer in the mornings usually so if you can get there for sunrise, even better! The north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko and also Lake Saiko also have stunning views.

2. Hire a bike

I cycled around Lake Kawaguchiko in about 3 hours taking stops on the way to admire the view of Fuji and the cherry blossom plus there are market stalls and the small town to see on the north shore. The roads are quiet and the scenery is made to be enjoyed on a bike so give it a try and you won’t regret it.

3. Hot springs 

Japanese onsens are famous and you can find some brilliant onsens around Fuji Five Lakes. There are both public and private onsens and your hotel (or even your room) may have its own. Be warned though, you’re not allowed to wear swimwear in them as it pollutes the natural minerals.

4. Sake brewery and tasting experience 

On the south shore of Lake Kawaguchiko there is a sake brewery which still brews and sells it’s own sake. You see the whole process, get to taste 5 different types of sake and there is the opportunity to buy your favourite at the end for a very good price. These tours sell quickly so ask or hostel/hotel to book this for you asap.

5. Kimono museum 

The kimono museum is on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko and really well signposted. It showcases the lifetime work of Itchiku Kubota with a series of kimonos designed to depict the seasons around Mount Fuji on the designs. The setting of the museum itself is stunning with gardens and waterfalls to walk around and a Gaudi-style foyer. It’s a relatively small museum to see so it doesn’t take long but it’s worth it for the gorgeous kimonos.


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