I am now officially paid to proofread…

So the day has finally come, the hard work and sometimes long hours voluntarily working as the copyeditor of my student newspaper have paid off!

I’ve been in my new job for just under two months now and while it’s only a six month contract, there’s is the possibility for that to be extended or that the experience of proofreading for such an established company (and a government department) may pay off in the future.

While I’m still in love with the idea of publishing, this job has introduced the idea to me of going more towards the proofreading/copyediting route, maybe even freelance although I’m under no illusions how hard it is to establish yourself as a freelance proofreader AND make a living off it.

But for now we’ll see. I was always scared of ending up in a job that I dreaded getting up for every morning but, so far, signs are looking good.

Fingers crossed.